Welcome to Gold Coast City

Once only known for its surf, sun and sand, now Gold Coast City is becoming the place to grow and develop business. Gold Coast City Industry is seeing a boom for several different reasons:

  • The Gold Coast is now the fastest growing city in Australia and because of this the area is enjoying a large and diverse workforce.
  • Business costs (rent, wages, fuel, payroll taxes etc) are lower.
  • Excellent location close to airports, ports and connected to other major cities via the Pacific Motorway.
  • Gold Coast residents enjoy a high standard of living at very cost effective prices compared to other major cities.

Creative Industries

Over 67 000 Queenslanders are employed each year by businesses involved in the Creative Industries. These include: Film & Television Production, Writing, Publishing and Print Media, Design, Architecture, Advertising and Graphic Design.


At present there are approximately 400 education and training facilities located on the Gold Coast including: childcare, private and government primary and secondary schools, universities, private training providers and vocational trainers.


Gold Coast City prides itself on its fantastic hospitals and medical institutes as well as their superior research, training and education facilities. Each year the Industry employs over 6000 people and generates a revenue of approximately $484 million.


The Information and Communication Technology Industry on the Gold Coast has a large range of companies varying from small to medium business up to large national and multinational companies.


The Gold Coast has made a name for itself for producing quality pleasure craft and as a place for enjoying them on an international and national stage. At the moment there are 450 companies operating in the Gold Coat City Marine Industry with 1 in 5 exporting overseas.


The Tourism Industry injects $1.2 billion into the Gold Coast which make up 20% of the cities total economy. Much of the industry is supported by several annual major events which call Gold Coast City home.